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What happened before the Land of Stories?

The Fairy Godmother was once a kid! And the author of Land of Stories wrote about it!

A tale of magic and A Tale of Witchcraft by Chris Colfer explain what happened when the fairy godmother was young. If you have already read the Land of Stories You should definitely read these books!

We probably all know that feeling of disbelief when you think of adults once being kids; so it is weird to think that the fairy godmother was once a kid! This book tells us that story. Chris Colfer's imagination has provided us some more wonderful stories that I think are definitely even better than the original series! We get to see some of the characters we love in the originals as kids that have even bigger and defined personalities than them as adults. I love all of Chris Colfer's characters but I think that he is definitely

getting even better!

Although none of these books have the best and most interesting language. For example instead of saying "the crops shriveled and died" they have " all the crops were dying." I think that they make up for it with the amazing stories and plot twists.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to all fairy tale lovers! If you liked the land of Stories you will love these books! Hope you like the book!

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