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Book Review: Westfalian Princess Series

These aren't the twelve dancing princesses you've met before!

Recommended Ages: 8-12

The Westfalian Princess Series is a magical series made up of three books, The Princess of the Midnight Ball, The Princess of Glass, The Princess of the Silver Woods, about the twelve princesses of Westfalia. When you think of twelve princesses you probably think of the twelve dancing princesses. Right?

The books are all based around fairy tales. Mostly the twelve dancing princesses but in the second book is similar to Cinderella, and the third is similar to Little Red Riding Hood. Every book you have different princesses narrating. Obviously not every princess because there are only three books but some do. This way you get more than one perspective which I really enjoy.

These books are darker than the fairy tales that they are based on so if you do not like that sort of book maybe don’t read them. There is some romance in this book but not anything inappropriate. I love all the surprises and twists.

One recommendation on reading these books is to pay attention to everything because some things come up in later books. To help you do this I would read them back to back and not wait too long before reading the next one. Jessica Day George is a New York Times bestselling author of young adult fantasy. She currently lives in Utah, she is one of my favorite authors for many books. I give these books an A+ and I definitely recommend them to anyone. Hope You Like the Book!

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