• Charlotte Hope

Upcoming Release: Calling Cobbler

A beautiful book about self-discovery and family

Recommended Ages: 11+

For your whole life, you’ve been told that every Jewish boy or girl should participate in a bar mitzvah, but you don’t want to; what happens when your friend does? Cobbler is an eleven-year-old boy who has had stage fright ever since throwing up in front of his third-grade class. When his best friend decides to have a bar mitzvah, Cobbler feels left behind after they both swore not to. With his great-grandfather getting progressively more forgetful and his father away at work, will he have the courage to participate in the school talent show, the only way to get his friend to hang out with him, or will he give up on everything altogether?

I really liked this book, not only because it feels like this story could actually be happening anywhere in the world right now, but because of all of the relatable parts of the story. Cobbler is still grieving about his dead mother, on top of wanting to keep his friend, on top of his shyness about what people think about him. Anyone could have any number of the same problems he has and would find this book extremely helpful to find out how to get past it all. I hope you like the book!

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