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Book Review: The Doll Shop Downstairs

A family works together to overcome obstacles during World War 2.

Recommended for Ages: 6-10

What do you think about when you think of World War 2? For me, I think about this book, The Doll Shop Downstairs. In this crazy good book Anna (the main character) and her sisters Trudie and Sophie have to go through World War 2.

In their small apartment building their parents find themselves without a job. Before the war, Anna’s parents were doll repairers. If someone brought them a doll they would fix it and it would be as good as new. But the parts came from Germany, so they couldn’t get them since the U.S.A. was no longer trading with Germany.

Trying to fix what they could, the parents didn’t pay too much attention to their kids, so they didn’t notice that Anna and her sisters were playing with three of the dolls. Eventually, the parents can’t fix one more doll, so then Anna had the idea that changed the way they were living. Since Anna was the middle child and never felt important, she was very happy to give the idea of making dolls.

The family go on adventures to try and get the dolls just right. They celebrate holidays and everything seems to be very happy. Until the day that a woman comes to pick up her doll, who also happened to be the doll Anna thought of her own.

I like this story because they never give up and always find a way to fix things, not only dolls. I hope that you will love and cherish this book just as much as me. Once you read The Doll Shop Downstairs, come back to this website and the next book might be on the book blogs. Now go and read this book! I hope you like it!

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