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A new mini-series on this website, read the website to find out what this means.

Hello! We are going to start publishing mini-articles that will come out on a more regular basis. These articles are really quick; there will be a few sentences about the book and another about whether the book is a good one. Here is what an article in this series might look like:

The Bone Hollow is an amazing, yet really heart-wrenching book. I fully recommend it. When Gabe saves a chicken in the middle of a tornado, he wakes up right after, feeling fine. But nobody can hear him. Gabe wakes up at a funeral home a few days later, gets up, and finds everyone at church. For his own funeral. The story continues to unfold, in which Gabe makes a new friend, makes a shocking discovery and has to learn how to let go.

Because this is a real book, the photo and affiliate links are below, but look out for more articles like this to come!

The Bone Hollow

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