• Charlotte Hope

New Release: Crystal Heart

When you have never even heard of magic, finding out you are the long lost queen of the elves must be a big shock! Find out how Mellisa Hail reacts in this new coming book. Available- September 22, 2020

Recommended Ages: 11 - 18

Mellisa Hail is a carefree 18 - year - old who is completely oblivious to the magical world, until one fateful day everything changes. She finds herself caught up in a centuries-old war, centered around her and a mysterious crystal relic. Accompanied by her best friend, his twin sister, and the prince of changelings, she has to find a way to end the war for good.

I liked this book a lot. Mellisa Hail is a funny character, who always decides to do the right thing, even if it is scary. This book was an extremely good read, but I found that a few parts were a bit mature for younger kids. I definitely recommend this book for anyone with an interest in fantasy, magic, and elves. Hope you like the book!

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