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Book Review: Snow Treasure

Kids take action in the face of danger by sneaking the treasure of Norway out on sleds!

Recommended for Ages: 8-12

Snow Treasure takes place in World War ll when the Nazis invade Norway. This is a thrilling tale of children smuggling the treasure of Norway onto a boat .When the Nazis come the children of the village form the defense club with the leader of Peter Lundstrom.

These children are so brave in the face of danger and everyone involved is so clever. You do not usually hear or read about children taking such a big part in something to do with war which makes this book even more thrilling.

This historical fiction will keep you on the edge of your seat. The most amazing part of this is that it actually happened. In this book you will find clever evasions and sneaky plans .

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes learning about history and having a good time reading. There are great characters like Uncle Victor Lundstrom . There is even a little bit of mysteries and surprises. You should definitely read this and if you like it come back to our website. Hope You Like the Book!

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