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Guest Review: The Traveler

A classic story about a family with special powers. If you like horror fiction or sci-fi, read on....

My story is Ray Bradbury’s The Traveler. It is about a family that is kind of like the Addams family. All of the family members have their own special powers. There is uncle Einar, who has green wings. There is his niece, Cecy, who can put her mind into any amoeba. She can also switch people's minds, suck their fears out of their minds, see through their eyes without them ever knowing. Then one day while Cecy is out traveling(that is what it called when she is in another body), her uncle John comes. The book doesn't say what powers he has, so we will never know.

Uncle John is the worst member of the family. Each time he needed money, he would go to the police station and get paid a hundred bucks for every member of the family he staked through the heart. This book was written before even the first computer, so a hundred dollars was worth way more than it is today. Uncle John was hearing church bells every second of every day for some reason, and he wanted Cecy to fix his mind. But she had already gone traveling, so he went all over town, looking for Cecy in people and animals. She was impossible to find, so eventually, he killed himself.

The story’s ending is better than it seems because uncle John had killed dozens of his own family members without even thinking about it. If you want to find out what(or who) the church bells were then read the story. Ray Bradbury also wrote other short stories about this family, and other things such as time travel, space travel, Mars, and aliens. And what's interesting is he wrote these before man had walked on the moon! I recommend reading his stories if you like horror fiction or sci-fi.

Zoe A. is a guest reviewer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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