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Guest Review: The Sign of the Beaver

Ready to go back in time? Journey with Mark, alone, in the wilderness.

Recommended Ages: 9 - 15

Mark and his dad went into the wild to build their family's house. After a few months, their house was finished and they both had rifles and some food. His dad went to get his mom and his sister, who were all the way back where their family used to live, and bring them to their new home. Mark’s dad told him that his family would be home before Christmas.

Mark met a Native American who became his friend, and a stranger, who became his enemy. With his dad gone, there was no one left to protect Mark. To make things worse, it was getting close to Christmas, and his family was not there. Will his family make it alive, or will they break Mark’s heart?

This is a good book for readers who like realistic fiction, and want to learn more about Native Americans and the wilderness (though it may not seem entertaining to readers who are intrigued by fantasy stories).

- Mira

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