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Guest Review: The Midnight Gang

Dreams do come true; read the midnight gang and see for your self!

Recommended Ages: 8 - 13

Tom's last memory was getting hit in the head by a cricket ball. Now he was in the hospital, or a children's ward, to be exact. In the ward there was Gorge, who had just gotten his tonsils removed; Amber, who broke both her arms and both her legs; Robin, who was recovering from an operation to improve his eyesight; and Sally, who was very, very sick.

One day Tom saw Amber, Gorge, and Robin sneak out at midnight. After begging, and begging, they decided to take Tom with them. Amber told Tom that every night one kid got to make a wish come true. After a few months they got caught, but that night was Tom's turn to pick a wish.

The midnight gang decided to sneak one more wish in. They asked Tom what his wish was. Tom thought for a second and decided to give his wish to Sally, who was too sick to join the midnight gang. Sally’s wish was to live a beautiful life. Will the midnight gang be able to make Sally’s dream come true?

I liked this book, because it taught you about kindness, sadness, and was funny, at the same time.

- Mira

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