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Guest Review: Scythe

Join Citra and Rowan in this new age and find out who wins... and who dies.

Recommended for Ages: 14+

Welcome to our newest guest reviewer- Maddi. Maddi is 15, from North Carolina, but living in Athens Greece.

Scythe is about a dystopian future where people don't die of natural causes, because people have discovered how to revive others. To combat the overpopulation that comes from revival, there are certain people, scythes, that have to go around and choose who to kill. Two teenagers, Citra and Rowan, are chosen to train to decide on who becomes the scythe and who dies.

The reason I loved this book is because it isn't afraid to ask questions that others may also ask, like what would happen to things like religion when people don't die, what happened to art and plays if people aren't really afraid of death anymore, and whether or not a scythe should enjoy their job of killing. There are a few minor things about this book that I don't like, but it mostly crops up in the last book of the trilogy (most of the things I didn't like were from my personal taste).

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