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Guest Review: Quidditch Through the Ages

This review is about Quidditch.

Recommended Ages: 9+

Quidditch Through the Ages is one of my favorite books because it tells you everything to do with quidditch from AD 962-1990. I recommend this book for ages 9+. Quidditch is a very popular sport in the wizarding world. Here's how it works: there are 14 players, 7 on each team. 3 chasers score a soccer ball-sized ball called the quaffle into the other team's goal. There is 1 keeper who defends the goals. 2 beaters defend their team from flying balls that try to knock people off their brooms. As the last and most important player, the seeker, zooms around looking for a walnut-sized ball called the golden snitch. If either seeker catches the golden snitch, the game ends and awards the team 150 points.

- Aden

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