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Guest Review: Out of My Mind

This is one of the most intriguing books I've read in a long time, and I think most of you will like it too.

Recommended Ages: 10 - 14

Melody, our main character is 11 years old. She has never been able to talk, she had never been able to walk, and doctors thought she would never be able to learn. But Melody is smart, really smart. But no one knows that because she is not able to talk.

Melody has to go to the special aid class H-5 where they learn the ABCs, and play baby songs despite how smart she is. Then one day the teachers decide to start something called “inclusion” so all of Melody’s special aid class gets to be in the real 5th grade.

Then Melody’s helper finds something on the internet, a Medi-Talker. They buy it and life becomes a dream come true for Melody, She can type into the Medi-Talker and it speaks whatever she writes! Melody gets to truly share her thoughts!

With the help of Melody's Medi-Talker everyone gets to see how smart she is. She even gets put on the Whiz Kids team. The only problem is that the Whiz Kids competition is on live TV! Will Melody embarrass herself and her school or will she be the next Stephen Hawking?

I really loved this book and would highly recommend it. There was nothing that I did not like.

- Mira

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