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Guest Review: Beyond The Bright Sea

Find yourself in Cape Cod with Crow as she puts together the puzzle of her life.

Recommended ages: 9+

Beyond The Bright Sea is an incredible book. The story follows the life of a young islander named Crow. Throughout the book, Crow digs through her history and finds herself caught up in sticky situations with a mysterious thief. This book was an amazing read and here's why: - The author, Lauren Wolk added so many cliffhangers at the end of the chapters, you are paralyzed in your seat until the end of the book. - Crow has dark skin, which just makes the book even more interesting and timely. - The book is profound and action-packed, and all the chapters just make a click with each other. I really don't know what I didn't like about this book, it was so good. And if there was something I really didn't like, the rest of the book was so good, I cannot remember it. This book is incredible and it is DEFINITELY something to read. Stars: 10/10

Welcome to our newest reviewer- Eliot, 9 years-old, from Belfast, Maine.

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