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How Do You Find Books When You Can't Visit the Library?

I've been reading books online for years. Let me teach you how...

Because of the corona-virus outbreak, most of us are stuck in our house. That means that we can't do what we usually do to find books: Go to the library or a bookshop. Here are a few tips for finding books you read or buy online.


Libby / Overdrive

Libby is the app our family uses the most. In Overdrive, you can add your town's library, and then you can "borrow" or place a hold on any of the eBooks your library has. Libby is the app you can put on your iPad, in which you can access the library(s) you've signed into, and read the books you have borrowed. You can either read them in the Libby App or Kindle App. I like the Libby App.

Kindle Lending

With Kindle lending, people who own books on Kindle can 'lend' their books to other people. You can lend your Kindle books or ask your friends to lend you theirs for 14 days. You can't read that book when you have given it to someone else. Amazon has directions on their website.

Kindle Unlimited

Using Kindle Unlimited, you can read most of the books on Kindle for a monthly fee of about $10, but beware! Kindle Unlimited only has certain books; it's true that you don't have to wait for the book before you can read it, but it doesn't always have the title you want.

Apple Books

Apple Books is a great resource to buy your books online and then read them in the same app. There is no waiting, but if you want to read the book only once, buying might not be the best option


As you know, you can buy books or eBooks on Amazon if you would like. If you purchase an eBook, you will have to download the Kindle app on your iPad or have a kindle.

My Bookshop!!!

Bookshop.org is an online bookstore that financially supports independent bookstores. I am an affiliate. Anytime you buy a book from my site, I receive a commission, and independent bookstores receive a matching commission.

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