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Book Review: The Wildwood Chronicles

What would you do if your baby brother got abducted by crows?

Recommended Ages: 8+

If your baby brother gets carried by crows into the neighboring wilderness, what would you do? That is the dilemma the main character Prue faced in the first book of the Wildwood Chronicles. Unable to face her parents with the truth, she decided to get him back herself. Accompanied by her classmate Curtis, she journeys into the impassable wilderness. Along the way, she finds out how much the woods is actually hiding.

When I read this book, what immediately appealed to me was the fact that Prue had no idea what to do when her brother got carried away. In most books with a fantastical plotline, the character accepts the weird things that happen without questioning anything. It is also fun to see how Colin Meloy shows the love between siblings; Prue would do anything to get her brother back, even venture into an uncharted wilderness.

I loved book one of the chronicles, and I could not wait to read book two. In Under Wildwood, we learn more about Curtis's family. The book follows the adventures from the point of view of his sisters, who are temporarily put in an orphanage. They find their way into Wildwood and join the adventure. Meanwhile, Prue and Curtis have to find a way to save the woods once again.

After reading book two, I had to know what happened next. In book three, Wildwood Imperium, the May Queen gets introduced. A curious character, she longs to discover what a legend really means, and in doing so awakens a powerful being made of ivy. Following along with the view-point of Prue, Curtis, and his sisters, we see what actions are taken to stop this powerful creature. Some actions may even include waking a long-dead prince...

This series appeals to all ages, and I have already recommended this series to many of my friends. I hope you enjoy the Wildwood Chronicles as much as I have. Fun Fact: Colin Meloy is actually the lead singer for The Decemberists! Hope you like the books!

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