• Charlotte Hope

Book Review: The Star Thief

Honorine has had a pretty uneventful life so far, but that's about to change...

Recommended Ages: 9+

Abandoned as an infant at the Vidalia household, 12-year-old Honorine knows nothing about her parents, only that the same year she arrived at the manor, Lord Vidalia disappeared. Now she works as a maid, and without her friend Francis, everything is mundane. Until Lord Vidalia's study catches fire. And there are strange people in the house talking about lions and wolves. And the omen stones are glowing. Everything is connected, and Honorine just might be the heroine this story needs!

The Star Thief is one of my favorite books on my shelf, a definite 10 out of ten. I really enjoyed all of the fantasy elements, as well as the steampunk everything! A journey through the stars, this book is perfect for astronomy and astrology lovers, but with enough other points of interest, almost everyone may find this enticing. Hope you love the book!

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