• Phoebe Bliss

Book Review: Smile

A small accident can cause a huge problem, bigger than you think could happen!

Everyone likes losing teeth, right? Well, in this amazing book, we find that that question's answer could be a no. Raina Telemeier tells a beautiful auto biography where she finds herself missing two teeth. This graphic novel goes on from sixth grade to high school and Raina now despises the highway exit to the orthodontist. All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth!

What I like about this book is that Raina has a bunch of different friends, and they all hang out in one big group. But when she gets older she realizes that her friends, might not be what they used to seem like. Along the way she also finds herself struggling with love life, and soon she finds out that she would rather be herself and do what she would like, not what others would think she would do.

This book is so great for people who love reading about younger people facing pretty big problems that could happen, and getting through it. And I really love graphic novels. I loved this book so I hope you do too. Hope you like the book!

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