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Book Review: Hex Hall

A girl who learns the importance of love through many challenges.

Recommended Ages: 13+

Hex hall is a trilogy of books centered around Sophie Mercer a sixteen year old which who is sent to Hex Hall, a magical reform school which is compared to a sort of prison in the books.

Hex Hall is a romance series that can be inappropriate for younger kids. I would recommend reading this if you are thirteen and older for sure. I was given this book at a book give-away from the library. I read it when I was younger and I would not recommend doing so .

It is similar to Harry Potter in the way that they are both at a magic school. You could say that it is just a much more mature version. In Harry Potter there is one main villain, but in Hex Hall, not so much.

It has twists and surprises around every corner. I love all the characters from Jenna the vampire, to Sophie's dad James. This is a dark fantasy book so do not read it if you can not handle it. It is a little bit complicated too, but it is a great book. Hope You Like the Book!

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