• Phoebe Bliss

Book Review: Cats in the Doll Shop

Learn about a family who try new things.

Recommended Ages: 6-10

What would you call a person who has to go on a REALLY crowded ship that is also very dirty and has no possibility of personal hygiene, who only has their mother's friend for company, other than the hundreds of people on the ship, who then gets on a tiny island with the possibility of staying there until they can go back to where they came from? I would say unlucky. So does that mean that Anna’s cousin is unlucky? Well, I would say she is.

In this sequel of The Doll Shop Downstairs, we see Anna and her family again. But this time Anna’s cousin, Tania, comes to stay with Anna and her sisters. But, she only speaks Yiddish, so it is a bigger challenge. But before Tania arrives, Anna wants to make her a doll. Eventually she decides to make a school girl, who Anna names Shannon.

Anna's adventures include trying to get to know Tania, an orange cat with a few problems, and a mysterious man with a mustache.I really like this book because there is so much friendship between Tania and Anna. I also like all the Jewish traditions that are put in this book. Their is much more to this story about cats, dolls and family. Hope you like the book!

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