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A classic tale

A story of all genres.

The Princess Bride

Age group: 9-14

The Princess Bride is a classic tale of romance, adventure, daring escapes, and amazing characters! I love this book because you just want to keep reading. Wether you like action scenes or romantic monologues this is a great book for you! You get insights on each character in different chapters. Each character is very different with a point of view and a background that no one else has.

It is a thrilling tale with so many different aspects. Although not al aspects are going to be to your liking it all connects very well into one story. You can find humor, mystery, a bit of fantasy, "history", dream worlds. Some of it can be a little dark so I think it is a perfect book to read as a group of parents and kids.

One comment is that Buttercup (the princess bride) is portrayed in a very weak and helpless way. This one factor is not amazing but everything else is great. It can get a little bit confusing because each character has there own objective and it is all in the same situation. It is not an easy read but it is not difficult either I would recommend it to anyone over 8 years old. Hope you like the book!

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