• Phoebe Bliss

Book Review: A Boy Called Bat

Do you think you'd like to have a baby skunk for a pet? I would after reading 'A Boy Called Bat.'

Recommended for Ages: 6-9

Bixby Alexander Tam. Otherwise known as A Boy Called Bat. In this book, this animal-loving boy finds himself in love with the skunk kit that this mother brought home from her office. Bat learns to take care of the baby skunk, just like his mother, who is a veterinarian.

What I really like about this book is that Bat decides that he loves this skunk so much that he names him Thor, and he even tried to convince his mother to keep the skunk until he is old enough to be released.

Bat has an older sister, who is not very happy to take care of a skunk kit, which leads to a few arguments. Janie, his sister, would rather hang out with her friends instead of with Bat and Thor.

This book is full of self-discovery, so Bat goes on a few adventures, not in the outside world, but in his mind. Once you read this book you might have a bit more respect for skunks. I really do hope you like the book.

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